Why Unitech

7 Stage of UNITECH RO Water Purifier
  • 1st Stage - Pre Sediment Filter Housing:- Filtration for impurities such as rust fluid,drugs,sedimemts and other particulate in water

  • 2nd Stage - Sediment Filter:- Further stops chlorine left-out(if any)and particular lesser than five micron. This increase life of the highly sensitive RO membrane.

  • 3rd Stage - Sediment Activated Carbon:- Carbon filter eliminates residual chlorine, heavy metals agricultural chemicals pigments detergent and bad tastes.

  • 4th Stage - Post Carbon:- Post Carbon Filter to remove bad taste and odor, improves water taste and enhance anti bacterial function by silver granular activated carbon.

  • 5th Stage - RO membrane:- RO membrane eliminates 90-95.6% of all Dissolved impurities harmful substance in water, as well as completely eliminating algae, bacteria and viruses.

  • 6th Stage - UV Chamber:- The UV light will disinfect filtered water at normal flow rate, providing one of the safest filtering systems available bacteria,viruses.

  • 7th Stage - UF/Mineral Cartridge:- The water is made to pass through a UF membrane with an ultra-fine pore size of 0.1 micron. The small pores of UF membrane in removes bacteria and cyst. Mineral Filter Cartridge which contains Silver Activated Carbon , pH Balls, Rice balls and Mineral Balls.

What is Reverse Osmosis ?

  • Reverse osmosis {RO} is a process where the flow of the water is reversed by applying external pressure to the concentrated (polluted) side.

  • The water is forced through a synthetic semi-permeable membrane that allows only water(H2O) molecules.

  • When pressure is applied to the contaminated water, Only the purest water passes through the membrane and rest is left behind and is drained out

What is Unitech RO ?

  • UNITECH RO is today’s water purification system.

  • Use the principle of RO to remove 90-95% of all the mineral and chemical contaminants from raw tap water.

  • Provides quality and pure water for consumption.

How does Unitech RO works ?

Reverse Osmosis is a hyperfiltration process in which all impurities (dissolved irons,heavy molecular weight compounds,bacteria, viruses) are removed from water by passing through membrane under designed pressure. The water is splitted into two streams. The pure water comes after passing through the membrane holes,containing only permissible ingredient.All undesirable elements including salts & biological impurities flush out along with rejected water before membrane, water is pretreated by passing through softener, sediment filter, carbon filter & Chlorination is desired.

  • Sediment filter – cartridge no. 1
    Sediment 5 micron filter removes suspended impurities in water like sand, dirt, rust and silt.

  • Pre–carbon filter-cartridge no. 2
    Granular carbon pre-filter removes gases like chlorine, colour and other organic impurities.

  • Post-carbon filter-cartridge no. 3
    Carbon block to remove smaller contaminants and any other remaining chlorine particles protecting the RO membrane.

  • Membrane-cartridge no. 4
    Membrane eliminates 90-95% of all dissolved impurities & harmful substances in water, as well as completely eliminating algae, bacteria and viruses.

  • Resin filter-cartridge no. 5
    In-line post carbon filter and polisher that improves the laste of water.

Why Unitech RO


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