About purified water

About purified water

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How pure is your purified water?

As the problems of dissolved impurities are increasing, thankfully, so are the solutions. But the irony is most of the systems available in the market target only a few types of contaminants and are completely ineffective against other impurities specially ‘dissolved impurities’.

Therefore, it is important for you to question yourself before choosing your Water Purifier. In fact the most important thing to know is the purifying technique that will help you to know is the purifying technique that will help you to know weather any of the options provide your family 100% pure and healthy water, free from dissolved impurities while maintaining essentials minerals.


It is the most commonly used system in rainy seasons as well as some Water Purifiers is based on Electronics Boiling. Boiling of water can destroy bacteria & viruses but it fails to remove dissolved impurities like pesticides, Rust and Harmful Salts. The logic is simple! Even if you mix sugar or salt in water and boil it, the water will remain sweet or salty. Dissolved impurities in boiled water can affect your health.



UV based water purifier if used as a stand alone system only de-activate bacteria and viruses but FAIL to remove ‘dissolved impurities’ like Pesticides, Rust , Heavy Metals, salts and Harmful Chemicals which can have health issues.


RO technology based Water Purifiers if used as stand alone system remove Bacteria, Viruses & Dissolved impurities but while removing dissolved impurities they end-up removing essential minerals too! These minerals are very important for our health. Also, within 3 to 6 months of usage of RO based Water Purifiers, the pores of the RO membrane may get enlarged, allowing bacteria & viruses to easily pass through it, thus making purified water infected with bacteria and viruses.