Why Unitech

Why Unitech


Water is Reverse Osmosis?

  • Reverse osmosis {RO} is a process where the flow of the water is reversed by applying external pressure to the concentrated (polluted) side.

  • The water is forced through a synthetic semi-permeable membrane that allows only water(H2O) molecules.

  • When pressure is applied to the contaminated water, Only the purest water passes through the membrane and rest is left behind and is drained out

What is Unitech RO?

  • UNITECH RO is today’s water purification system.

  • Use the principle of RO to remove 90-95% of all the mineral and chemical contaminants from raw tap water.

  • Provides quality and pure water for consumption.

Why Unitech RO?


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How does Unitech RO works?

  • Sediment filter – cartridge no. 1
    Sediment 5 micron filter removes suspended impurities in water like sand, dirt, rust and silt.

  • Pre–carbon filter-cartridge no. 2
    Granular carbon pre-filter removes gases like chlorine, colour and other organic impurities.

  • Post-carbon filter-cartridge no. 3
    Carbon block to remove smaller contaminants and any other remaining chlorine particles protecting the RO membrane.

  • Membrane-cartridge no. 4
    Membrane eliminates 90-95% of all dissolved impurities & harmful substances in water, as well as completely eliminating algae, bacteria and viruses.

  • Resin filter-cartridge no. 5
    In-line post carbon filter and polisher that improves the laste of water.